Are the 10 Commandments Upheld in the New Testament? 4. The lessons are designed to be used with preschool children, but could be used with other ages with a bit to customization. If you are looking for Bible study topics follow the link to our Bible study … New Believers Bible Study Lessons Bible Study Handbook Other Bible Study Resources Spiritual Growth & Small Group Bible Studies Small Group Bible Study Experiences ... Topical Bible Study Lessons Old Testament New Believers Bible Study Handbook. Theological issues. Today we begin a 13 week study entitled “The Story of the Old Testament.” [Note: Depending on the responses above the teacher may need to “sell” the value and interest of this course. We believe that your life is going to be greatly enriched as you embark on this course. Old Testament Survey A Summery of the Contents and Lessons Contained in the Old Testament Part of the PRACTICAL DOCTRINE ADVANCED BIBLE STUDY COURSE “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection” Hebrews 6:1 An Advanced Bible Study … Listen2 Timothy7 Lessons 12. 6. What you are about to embark upon is not a run-of-the-mill survey of the Bible. Twelve inductive Bible studies show you how to pray your heart to God—doubts, fears, anger, praise, remorse, thankfulness. 3. Geographical issues. Charlie Holt, Associate Rector for Teaching and Formation at the Church of St John the Divine in Houston, TX. The Book of Colossians teaches principles for living a Christian life in … The King James Version Bible (KJV) was authorized by King James I and is sometimes referred to as the “Authorized Version”. Is There a God? 7. Biblical Studies Paper Topics. What Is Meditation?Bible 1. New Testament Survey is a free e-mail course available from Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017) Do you understand the true origins of Jesus Christ? How to Pray 6. What do we know about this? Cultural issues. The following Old Testament Special Topics are taken from our verse by verse commentaries. ListenGospel of Matthew70 Lessons 2. Here are 50 Bible study topics to get you started, grouped around the six topic areas we felt were so important we needed to highlight them on this website.God 1. The Great Deluge brought because of man's sins (Chapters 7 and 8) At tower of … 3. Master Life: An Introduction To Biblical Law Discover the Life Line God has thrown to us in Biblical law and how it can apply in modern life applications. Job and Issachar. Bible Basics includes eight Bible study lessons for youth on how we got the Bible and know it's true, how it's organized, ... Fun old Testament lessons: Group Publishing offers two of their Bible Study Lessons for youth from their "Scary, Gross, and Weird Bible Stories" Genesis 46:13 mentions Job's father and Issachar. The weekly lectures are primarily given by The Rev. The writing of these books began in about 1491 B.C.—thus, making a little over 1000 years to finish the work. By Dr. Bob Utley, Retired Professor of Hermeneutics. Series 4 completes the New Testament with 14 characters from Stephen to James. Study Topic: Who was the God of the Old Testament? 1. The Bible Challenge Old Testament Study Guide will help you go deeper in your understanding of the daily Bible readings. ... Take a Study Break. 4. Biblical Studies Research Topics. Adultery in the Bible; An analysis of gender roles in the Bible; An exploration of the Historical Jesus Christ; Apocalyptic prophets in the Old Testament Topical Bible Study Lessons Old Testament New Believers Bible Study Handbook. Colossians: Against the Tide. God ceases … OLD TESTAMENT SPECIAL TOPICS. Studies in the Second Generation of Bible Stories for Adults are provided in downloadable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Do the Old and New Testament serve different purposes? To learn what the Bible has to say on a variety of issues affecting our everyday lives, choose from the complete list of topics below. However, the majority of the book of Revelation seems to have been translated from the Latin Vulgate. Old Testament Lessons. Photo used under Creative Commons from xtheowl. To access these Old Testament lessons, click on the book title below.Lessons and Bible books will be added as they are developed. This long course of 55 lessons is divided into four sets. Are the Stories in the Bible True? ListenFirst Corinthians36 Lessons 7. ListenActs of the Apostles34 Lessons 5. Is God the same in the Old and New Testament? ... What religious ideals does the Old Testament portray in their reversal? It is believed that God used a minimum of eight different writers during this time: Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon, Ezra, Nehemiah, Mordecai. 6. To use pdf studies, you will need the Acrobat reader software that you can download free from you have installed the software, you can simply click on the study you want and either save it or open it to view and print. Hermeneutical issues. What Is the Holy Spirit? ListenThe Letter of James12 Lessons 14. 60 Small Group Bible Study Topics, Themes and Tips Posted by Julie David A church small group can unite and transform a group of people, reflecting the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to “stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together” (Hebrews 10:24-25). ListenEphesians25 Lessons 9. What Is Fasting? What are some of the ways God manifests himself in the New Testament? Is the Old Testament Relevant? ListenHebrews31 Lessons 13. Questions & Answers – Old Testament. 5. Photo used under Creative Commons from xtheowl. The Old Testament, particularly the first five books known as the Pentateuch, are the cornerstone of the Jewish faith (Seymour-Smith, 1998). Old Testament Miracles in Genesis. The KJV New Testament was translated from the Textus Receptus. 2. The Fall of Man. 4. 2. Who Wrote the Bible? This 11 part study on Prayer from the Old Testament was preached at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship in 2002. God creates Adam and Eve (Chapters 1 and 2). Search all of SparkNotes Search. Listen1 Timothy8 Lessons 11. Series 2 completes the Old Testament from David to Zechariah. What are some of the images used in biblical poetry to depict God, humans, and the conflict between good and evil? The free, instant Bible Study Lessons provide an overview or outline of every book of the Bible from the Old Testament and the New Testament. A good feature of these lessons is the provision of questions to check understanding of the subject or to use as topics for discussion, or … Home » Graduate Program » Fields of Study » Old Testament / Hebrew Bible » Recent Dissertations. It was translated by the Church of England and was first published in 1611. ListenRomans (2017)23 Lessons 6. Although you will get a panoramic view of the Old Testament, our aim is to concentrate on Do you know who really spoke the Ten Commandments? Is the Bible True? Word studies. ListenThe Gospel of John29 Lessons 4. Can we take the stories in the Bible, such as Adam and Eve and the apple, Lot and his daughters, Abraham and Isaac, Job, and such stories as true or myths? The Ultimate Assassin Mode. Audio and manuscripts are available for each lesson. ListenThe Gospel of Luke78 Lessons 3. ListenGalatians7 Lessons 8. They deal with: 1. Download the weekly study guide and follow along as you listen to the audio. 5. In-depth, yet compact and easy to understand Bible lessons covering many of the Old and New Testament Bible characters. What Happened: Ehud, left-handed judge smuggled a weapon into an … ListenColossians6 Lessons 10. 2. Series 3 begins the New Testament with Matthew and goes to Andrew. ListenFirst Letter of Peter11 L… For biblical studies, here are some suggested topics you can use. Suggestions for essay topics to use when you're writing about Bible: The Old Testament. This Table of Contents lists the Bible books for which lessons have been developed. Welcome to Old Testament Studies! Did Paul Change the Sabbath Command? The Fall of Man is described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and reveals why … Bible is a term that is derived by way of Latin and French, from the Greek Biblia (book), which itself is a translation from the Hebrew sepharim (Seymour-Smith, 1998). 4. Series 1 covers 15 personalities from Adam and Eve to King Saul. Names of God 3. Who Is Jesus? For example, many students may feel the Old Testament is dry, boring and irrelevant. 5. The Old Testament History books cover a range from the Beginning down to about 434 B.C.